Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® – London
Malvia Kenlock

Energy Work/Remote Healing

In a session I will clairvoyantly scan the client’s energy field, chakras analogous layers of energy.

Energy is timeless and knows neither limits nor boundaries therefore information can be accessed on all time zones. This service is offered via phone or in the scared space of mediation.

All energy works within the Laws of Grace at the quantum level. Energy healing improves our understanding of the physical, mental and emotional state or other challenges you may have. The change can only occur when it is for the highest good of the individual or situation being treated

Energy is timeless 
and knows 
neither limits 
nor boundaries

Energy medicine seeks to clear and heal aspects of the individual being, through their unique energy signature. The energy body is a blueprint of the physical body it is our foundation to wellness. Maintaining wellbeing of the energy body is critical so that we can prevent imbalances from talking hold.

I am able to communicate with the energy body through various processes such as chakras, energy meridians, and the emotional frequency of the client using medical intuitive abilities.

Energy healing is about working intuitively with the body’s bioelectric field. The body is constantly sending messages to you but unfortunately, only the pain captures our attention. In a session I will clairvoyantly scan the client energy field, and chakras.