Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® – London
Malvia Kenlock

Past Lives Soul Regression

Through regression the client has the opportunity access these memories to discontinue the karmic cycle and heal through awareness.

The ultimate goal is to become the Supreme souls, who no longer need to enter the cyclic nature of reincarnation, instead merge with the source of all that is.

You have the opportunity to explore a specific on issue or topic that significantly impacts upon your current life circumstances. The session is a sacred journey that leads you to the reasons why the soul has challenged you to grow in unique ways. The session can help you resolve karmic blocks, heal false belief and activate the healing. A session on average takes two hours. 

 Hypnotic Regression is a technique used to recover memories and explore experiences that adversely affect your current behavior; this could be a current, simultaneous or parallel life. Taking a client back to other timelines is a process that can be used to clear karmic self-sabotaging behaviors that may go back much further and extend to other life times.              

karmic cycle 
and heal 
through awareness

Through regression the client has the opportunity access these memories and discontinue karmic cycles that do not serve the highest good and heal through awareness. 

If they have learnt all they need to from the lesson The notion of immortality of the soul or spirit after biological death, can chose a new life in a new body, to self develop is a common belief among various ancient and modern tribal cultures. Individuals reincarnate based on the soul’s desire to experience and to meet the goals of the souls blueprint. 

Each incarnation is a step-by-step awaking process to the divine purpose.