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Malvia Kenlock

Process to Inner Peace

We have a tremendous amount of negative psychic energy moving through us daily, often bringing up its unique baggage of guilt, shame, stress, and anxiety. The pathway to counteract persistent negative thinking is self-regulation through process work. Our inner being is hardwired to find inner peace so that we can draw upon the inner resources of experience to connect to a greater understanding. We are told by popular speaker’s that focusing on our issues can provide no real merit. 

However there is no better way to make yourself happy than by solving your own mental emotional and challenges. Process To Inner Peace is a therapeutic writing tool that enables the individual to focus on issues in their lives, to move on from being stuck to resolution and finally closure, without the drama of acting out the hidden energy.

Malvia Kenlock the originator of the process has taught this simple process in workshops and now offers this self–development tool in a book.

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