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Malvia Kenlock

What My Clients Have to Say

Having worked with many clients over the years - this what some have to say



"I have had two sessions with Malvia, both of which have been wonderfully productive. She has helped me with my health and my relationships and, most importantly, forgiveness of those who have wronged me in the past that I have still held resentment for. My life is certainly better in every way since seeing this most talented and caring of pratictioners. I highly recommend her."



"The QHHT® helped gaining greater insight into my inner and feeling world. Bringing deep issues and emotions to the foreground and through the communication with my inner self, I feel more stable within myself after the treatment and committed to making the necessary changes in my life."



"I found Malvia very professional and easy to talk to. She was very clear about the process and made me feel relaxed and at ease throughout the session - it worked really well! I found it to be one of the best things I have ever done. I count myself very lucky as I couldn't have picked a nicer person to work with. She certainly knows her stuff!"


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